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The Democratic Lecture

The Democratic Lecture

Presents Truth
- or -

Can you handle the truth?

As you very-well know, The Democratic Lecture is an initiative to re-examine how lectures are given to students and all learners of the creative subjects. Well, this is no different.

Truth or Bullshit is an newly interactive extension of TDL focused on smaller or more intimate audiences. Based an open-floor questions-and-answers format, questions pulled from social media and the audience will be answered with both brutal truth as well as the line the industry tows so that the audience will both know what to look out for and expect as well as avoid the perils and pitfalls. Questions will be pulled into to the lecture feed live, forming the lecture on the spot, then-and-there, right here, right now, no strings, no plans, no notes. Just jazz.

How do I get involved?

Well, easy. First off, you need to book Craig Oldham in for a lecture, then decide this is the format you want. Assuming, as you’re hear and reading this, and this, and this, that you’ve made your choice already. So.


Send your questions to
@thedemlec or #truthorbullshit before or on the day of the lecture.

If you are not on Twitter, tough shit...
Just kidding!


Email questions over before the day of the lecture to and they will be put, as the police say, in the line up.

What then?

Well, turn-up and get involved in the discussion. The whole idea is about collective and collaborative learning and the passing of experience. It’s not top-down. So do your hair, pink-up, stay sharp, and get ready to be involved. Or, if nothing else, at least you now have a valid excuse to look at your phone during a lecture. Smashed it.

coming to a town near you


January 2014

More soon