The Democratic Lecture

The Democratic Lecture book collates all the topics discussed in the lecture for everybody to be able to take part.

  • The Book

    The Democratic Lecture is exclusively a lecture, however the topics covered have been collated in essay format in this limited edition book published by U.T.O.E.

    • — ISBN 978-0-9571342-1-8
    • — 148 x 105mm.
    • — 40pp on 1200mic Beermat board.
    • — 36pp 120gsm Bright White Colourplan section.
    • — Cloth-bound with Fluro-died glue.
    • — Screen printed black and fluro throughout.
    • — Foreword written by Craig’s mum

    Sold out

  • The Poster

    Limited edition of 150 posters for the Democratic Lecture, hand numbered and signed, are available for purchase.

    • — 100gsm Flash Green Day-Glo specialist uncoated
    • — 510 x 760mm
    • — Printed Black
    • — Signed by Craig Oldham and hand-editioned
    Price: £12.00