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The Democratic Lecture

The Democratic Lecture


W.T.F. Is the P.L.T.A.D.C.L.A.A.Y.W.T.K.B.N.H.T.O.T.A.?

The Democratic Lecture (full title: The Preposterously Long Titled And Democratically Constructed Lecture About All You Wanted To Know But Never Had The Opportunity To Ask) is a lecture initiative led by designer and bon vivant Craig Oldham.

The Democratic Lecture hands over the decision of the lecture content to those intended to sit through it: the audience. Voting for a top 5 topics from a list of 40 (covering all aspects of design and industry), the majority votes cast create an ever-changing, tailor-made lecture relevant to each and every respective audience.

I Can’t Access The Site,
Why The Chuff Not?

This site facilitates the voting process for the Democratic Lecture, which can only be accessed if you have a lecture booked, and consequently a Lecture Code permitting access.

You can book a lecture here or if you’re interested in the content of the Democratic Lecture you can purchase the accompanying book here. Otherwise, sorry but you can’t access the site.

If you have a lecture booked but don’t have your code, please click here and inform us of your University / Organisation and the date on which you believe the lecture is taking place.

Can I Change My Votes?
I Am Fickle / Have Buggered Up

Although built on democratic ground, unfortunately once your votes have been cast we can’t change them. We’re not some Stalinist regime, masquerading as democracy. We just don’t have the technology or time to be changing votes. An overview of all the topics which form the DL feature in the Democratic Book. You can get hold of one shop.

Who Is Craig Oldham?

Craig Oldham is a Designer, Lecturer, Writer, Procrastinator, Artist, Publisher, Film-maker, Philanthropist, Intervenor, Letter-writer, Theorist, Website-Up-Putter, Lamenter, Conspiracist, and Yorkshireman. By day he can be found at, and by night at

He’s worked with a lot of people you will have heard of, and a lot of people you probably haven’t. He’s won some awards, written some articles, been in books, had work on TV shows and in newspapers, been in—and held—exhibitions. He sits on committees, global awards juries, educational panels, as well as seats, sofas and chairs.

He drinks way too much tea and, apparently, wears weird shoes.

Get in touch

If you’d like to contact Craig Oldham or gain more information on the Democratic Lecture, then please email us at